Social Media

My life is so beautiful, every day is vineyards or out at sea or beaches or countrysides. I am almost never in urban areas except for events. Because my life is so beautiful and I work as a model in a visual medium, I use Instagram quite a lot. My account is private because while I do want to demonstrate my wealth, I do not want just anyone to be able to see. 

I don’t use Facebook for several reasons: it is irresponsibly managed, I have met (and hated) Mark Zuckerburg, and I have no need for it. It is a disgusting platform that has been taken over by Russian interests, grandmothers, and racists. I don’t use Twitter because I seldom have anything to say. 

My Diet & Exercise

People sometimes ask how I stay so slim. Well, I don’t use drugs, I don’t drink any alcohol besides champagne, I eat organic locally sourced foods in meals designed by a nutritionist and prepared by a world-class chef, I exercise with a trainer for up to nine hours a week, and I eat no sugar.  

This is how I was raised. My mother was very weight and image conscious (thank god) and instilled the same values in me while also teaching me how to maintain a svelte figure without resorting to plastic surgery and fad diets. I’d rather be shot and killed than have to say the “name” of my diet out loud.  

Fad diets are for people too poor to make their weight maintenance other peoples’ jobs.  

All in, I spend about $3m a year staying in shape – which certainly looks like a lot of money on paper but when I’m making about twice that back in modeling income, it pretty much pays for itself. Twice. 


Many people assume that because I am wealthy, I am also celebrity or spend time with celebrities. This is not true. There is nothing I despise more than poor people, but a close second is poor people who become rich by being celebrities. Whether celebrities became celebrated due to a talent (like Beyonce) or due to an annoying social media presence (like that Fat Jew thing), I am not interested in spending time with them. They work hard and scoff at my lifestyle.  

There is a wide divide between people born wealthy and people who aspire and work to become wealthy. The latter are so thirsty and judgmental. “I worked forty hours a week to become what I am today.” Well congratulations darling, I was born what I am today! “I sucked photographers’ dicks for seven months before one of them actually got me a modeling contract!” Well congratulations darling, now go brush your teeth.  

Whether your “job” is auto mechanic or international pop star, I don’t necessarily want to be around working people unless they are working for me. And that’s why you never see Jay Z or Mark Zuckerburg on my yacht or at my vineyard. 


Isn’t it funny how rich people are often times more beautiful than regular people? This is for lots of reasons: lifestyle, environment, genes, etc. For example, I have never done anything resembling physical or manual labor so I am undamaged. My childhood was very lavish and easy so my face doesn’t read any trauma. My parents are both generationally wealthy white Europeans, and I inherited their associated looks. And I have grown up eating a very balanced and delicious diet designed by nutritionists and prepared by world class chefs. 

Because I have the good fortune (hehe) of being beautiful, I have parlayed that into a successful modeling career – due in equal parts to my beautiful and to the starfuckery of many fashion photographers who want to join me on my island for a photo shoot. 

I earn a measly $4-7m a year modeling and while this is largely inconsequential in my life, it does make for a nice safety net of funds in case the family money ever dries up. Ha. As if it would. 


Why do I love diamonds so much? Because they sparkle, they are beautiful, they tell the world what is important to me. They can make a simple outfit, extraordinary. They can make the naked body, spectacular.  

I have been single all of my life and I hear and see how important some women feel when they are gifted diamonds from some man. I do not need a man to drape me in diamonds. I am happy to drape myself in diamonds.  

I never understood the added benefit to diamonds of having been purchased by somebody else. Half of the pleasure of diamonds, is the act of purchasing them. Running my fingers along them, twisting and turning them to watch them twinkle. Finally choosing just the right one (or dozen), draping them across my décolletage or wrist, walking around in them, and finally handing over a card full of money to pay for them.  

I am not interested, to those of you about to type a comment, in discussing the ethics of diamonds. I understand that many are mined in unethical or unsafe conditions. I understand that brown people die to get them. I understand that they fuel what has basically become a slave trade in some undeveloped parts of this earth.  

That is not my problem and it does not make diamonds any less beautiful across my tan, smooth, unmarked skins. 


I am not some lunatic spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on champagne. I will happily spend up to $15,000 on a casual bottle. I refuse to spend over $50,000 for a special occasion bottle. I have to budget to some degree.  

I buy six bottles of champagne every week to keep on reserve. And for special occasions, I buy more. Champagne is more than just a drink – it’s an offering, a show of respect and admiration, and a demonstration of wealth.  

What’s the point of even having wealth if you are doing nothing to demonstrate it, darling!?  

I’m not saying that the wealthy are gods, but the gods did have their ambrosia did they not?! 


I love spending time on the water so I keep my yacht at my island home on Sardinia – the second largest island after Sicily. The Sicily scene is played out and full of rich people. I don’t want to be the richest among the richest. I want to be the only one.  

Plus, Sardinia has like no tourism so I don’t have to deal with loud, obnoxious British and American tourists gawking at my life. While I love to flaunt my things and wealth and body on Instagram, I like to be private in real life. I am not interested in spending my time in public – shudder to think, darling.  

I usually spend weeks at a time on the island in the spring when the plants are flowering, the climate is perfect, and the summer-ers are nowhere to be seen.  

My yacht is big, long, clean, and white – just like all of my boyfriends. I truly cannot tell you any of the specific details because I know nothing about boats. It is kept at a launch, maintained by staff, and driven by my chauffeur when we take it out. When I’m not on it, I don’t think about it. I like to be in the moment!