Many people assume that because I am wealthy, I am also celebrity or spend time with celebrities. This is not true. There is nothing I despise more than poor people, but a close second is poor people who become rich by being celebrities. Whether celebrities became celebrated due to a talent (like Beyonce) or due to an annoying social media presence (like that Fat Jew thing), I am not interested in spending time with them. They work hard and scoff at my lifestyle.  

There is a wide divide between people born wealthy and people who aspire and work to become wealthy. The latter are so thirsty and judgmental. “I worked forty hours a week to become what I am today.” Well congratulations darling, I was born what I am today! “I sucked photographers’ dicks for seven months before one of them actually got me a modeling contract!” Well congratulations darling, now go brush your teeth.  

Whether your “job” is auto mechanic or international pop star, I don’t necessarily want to be around working people unless they are working for me. And that’s why you never see Jay Z or Mark Zuckerburg on my yacht or at my vineyard.