Why do I love diamonds so much? Because they sparkle, they are beautiful, they tell the world what is important to me. They can make a simple outfit, extraordinary. They can make the naked body, spectacular.  

I have been single all of my life and I hear and see how important some women feel when they are gifted diamonds from some man. I do not need a man to drape me in diamonds. I am happy to drape myself in diamonds.  

I never understood the added benefit to diamonds of having been purchased by somebody else. Half of the pleasure of diamonds, is the act of purchasing them. Running my fingers along them, twisting and turning them to watch them twinkle. Finally choosing just the right one (or dozen), draping them across my d├ęcolletage or wrist, walking around in them, and finally handing over a card full of money to pay for them.  

I am not interested, to those of you about to type a comment, in discussing the ethics of diamonds. I understand that many are mined in unethical or unsafe conditions. I understand that brown people die to get them. I understand that they fuel what has basically become a slave trade in some undeveloped parts of this earth.  

That is not my problem and it does not make diamonds any less beautiful across my tan, smooth, unmarked skins.