Isn’t it funny how rich people are often times more beautiful than regular people? This is for lots of reasons: lifestyle, environment, genes, etc. For example, I have never done anything resembling physical or manual labor so I am undamaged. My childhood was very lavish and easy so my face doesn’t read any trauma. My parents are both generationally wealthy white Europeans, and I inherited their associated looks. And I have grown up eating a very balanced and delicious diet designed by nutritionists and prepared by world class chefs. 

Because I have the good fortune (hehe) of being beautiful, I have parlayed that into a successful modeling career – due in equal parts to my beautiful and to the starfuckery of many fashion photographers who want to join me on my island for a photo shoot. 

I earn a measly $4-7m a year modeling and while this is largely inconsequential in my life, it does make for a nice safety net of funds in case the family money ever dries up. Ha. As if it would.