My Diet & Exercise

People sometimes ask how I stay so slim. Well, I don’t use drugs, I don’t drink any alcohol besides champagne, I eat organic locally sourced foods in meals designed by a nutritionist and prepared by a world-class chef, I exercise with a trainer for up to nine hours a week, and I eat no sugar.  

This is how I was raised. My mother was very weight and image conscious (thank god) and instilled the same values in me while also teaching me how to maintain a svelte figure without resorting to plastic surgery and fad diets. I’d rather be shot and killed than have to say the “name” of my diet out loud.  

Fad diets are for people too poor to make their weight maintenance other peoples’ jobs.  

All in, I spend about $3m a year staying in shape – which certainly looks like a lot of money on paper but when I’m making about twice that back in modeling income, it pretty much pays for itself. Twice.