Bunks & Decorating

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When you arrive on Opening Day, we will have a jersey style blanket available for all campers. We ask that each camper bring twin-size sheets for her bed; we do not provide camp sheets on Opening Day. Junior and August campers need ONE set of twin sheets; June and Main campers need TWO sets of twin sheets. We recommend a comforter or warm blanket for cold nights, and all campers need to bring a pillow and pillowcases.

Mattress Pads: Many campers enjoy extra padding for their mattress, but it is not required. We recommend bringing a thick mattress pad instead of an egg crate. You can purchase these online, for example, one like this.

Bunk Decorations

Campers love decorating their space and making it feel like home. In an effort to simplify Opening Day, as well as comply with fire marshal regulations, campers may only bring bedding items and photos to decorate their bunks. Bedding items include blankets, stuffed animals, personal sheets/comforters, and pillows.

If you send other decorating items outside of these approved decorations listed below, we will put them back in your camper’s trunk to take home on Closing Day. Please help us by only sending approved decorations.

You cannot bring plug-in or battery operated string lights. Please also do not bring extension cords (these are safety issues enforced by our fire marshal).

Approved decorations:

  • Bedding, blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals
  • Pictures: individual or on a poster board or small bulletin board
  • Clip-on Fan: battery-operated or small plug in fan, like this one; all campers will have a plug next to their bunk

Decorations that you may not bring:

  • Decorative elements like personalized signs or letters
  • Plug-in or battery-operated string lights
  • Extension cords
  • Garland of any kind, including pom-poms
  • Hanging poof balls or paper items
  • Any non-photo item to hang

Head to Toe Rule

In order to comply with health regulations, all camp bunkbeds are set up Head-to-Toe, meaning that campers on the top bunk cannot have their heads facing the same direction as campers on the bottom. The cabin counselor will help your daughter to know which way to make her bed on Opening Day.