Package Policy

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Greystone is Package-Free (and we love it).

Campers may not receive any type of packages while they are at camp. All large envelopes, padded envelopes, and regular envelopes containing “anything” (other than your letter) are considered packages (don’t send these!); these will be returned to the sender. However, if there is a necessary item left at home, you may mail the package addressed to:

Laura Hollowell
ATTN: (Your Camper’s FULL Name)
21 Camp Greystone Lane
Zirconia, NC 28790

Please make sure that your camper’s name is clearly marked. If it is a birthday gift, we will pre-send a birthday label before camp.

You may also purchase most forgotten necessary items from the Greystone Store website, and we will make sure your daughter receives them.

Necessary Examples

  • Toothbrush
  • Bible
  • Rain boots
  • Eye glasses
  • A retainer
  • Books
  • Pillow left at home

Not Necessary

  • Magazines
  • Costumes/dress-up clothes
  • Stickers
  • Notepads/Gifts
  • Etc.

These unnecessary items will be sent home or donated.

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We give the girls an abundance of fresh fruit each day; a fruit buffet for breakfast, apple cart in the morning, and a watermelon table in the afternoon are freely available for every camper. Because of this, we do not allow deliveries of personal fruit baskets or watermelons.

Health Hut packages: Medication or health related items for your camper, should be addressed to “The Health Hut”.

All packages that are NOT addressed to “Laura Hollowell” or “The Health Hut” will be returned. Any packages that contain unnecessary items will be returned or donated.