Cabin Life

Living in a cabin with other campers is one of the best parts of being a camper. It’s the slumber party that never ends!

When you arrive on Opening Day, you will find out your cabin assignment and race up the hill to meet your friends and find your new camp home. Each cabin has 8 to 12 campers and 1 to 2 counselors. At your cabin you will meet your counselor who will introduce you to the other girls in your cabin and help you find your perfect bunk.

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We search long and hard to find the best college women to be our counselors, and we know you’re going to love them as much as we do! They play the role of a big sister, a favorite babysitter, a fun role model, and a best friend all in one. Your counselor will greet you with a warm hug and a big smile on your first day of camp and will be your friend and your support throughout your session…and even afterwards.

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You will live with 8 to 12 other campers in your cabin, who will quickly feel like family. Most girls meet each other on Opening Day, so no matter how many years you’ve been coming to camp, there are always new friends to make. We have campers from 37 states and 14 countries, so you may end up with new friends that span the globe! Returning campers and alumnae agree: Greystone friendships are special, and they start in your cabin.

Cabin Types

At Greystone, we have 3 different types of cabins: we call them Tentalows, Bungalows, and Cabins. Tentalows are two stories tall and are close to the Dining Hall. Bungalows are also two stories and are located on the edge of the cabin area. Cabins are typically one story and are located all over camp. You’ll look forward to living in each type of cabin as you age through your campers years, starting in the Tentalows, moving up to the Bungalows, and finally ending in the Cabins.

Cabin Interiors

All of our cabins are comfortable and well built, perfect for your home away from home each summer. Each has 4-6 wooden bunk beds, 1-2 counselor beds, and clean bathrooms with plenty of hot water. You’ll have a porch for sitting, space for dancing, and screen windows to enjoy the cool mountain breezes as you lay on your bunk.


Greystone bunk beds are custom built to give you the cozy comforts of home. Each bunk bed comes with a personal, trunk-sized drawer that can fit all of your clothes. You’ll have shelves made to display pictures and hooks to hang laundry bags, towels, and raincoats. Many campers decorate their bed with stuffed animals and fun pillows.

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At Greystone, we know the details matter to your camp experience, especially in your cabin bathroom. Each one has tiled floors, large showers, double sinks, endless hot water, and “power flush” toilets that never clog. Each bathroom includes cast iron hooks for towels, shelves for your shower buckets, and a hanging closet for church dresses and extra storage.

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Outside of Cabins

Each cabin has a porch, with lovely peeled bark posts and picket railings. You’ll love relaxing on your porch, playing card games and enjoying the fresh air. Each porch also has a rack for girls to neatly store their shoes. The cabin roofs are all red painted metal roofs that sound incredible during a summer rainstorm.