Seeking Approval

Ultimate acceptance comes from God.

We look for approval from friends, parents, teachers, coaches, achievement, and social media. We desperately want to be liked, to be seen, and to be approved of.

“At Greystone I found God and amazing friends. It’s my safe place and I know that, no matter what, people won’t judge me there.” Amy / Camper

At Greystone, we believe ultimate acceptance comes from God, not the opinions of other people. When we root ourselves in Him and Him alone, we are able to cease our restless work for our worth and simply rest in His love.

Relationships are integral to Greystone. The simple lifestyle of camp hushes distractions and opens the way for reflection, conversation, and life-long friendships. Campers grow in three types of relationships every summer:

  • Relationship with God: Girls learn what it means to have a personal relationship with their Savior and how that relationship brings joy and transforms every aspect of their life. This relationship is the basis for all others.
  • Relationships with staff/mentors: Our counselors are hired because they are fun, encouraging, incredible Christian role models, and our campers truly adore them from day one. With a counselor, a camper feels secure, special, and loved. The camper-counselor bond is unlike any other, and it oftentimes extends far beyond Closing Day.
  • Relationships with other campers: Starting with a penpal and continuing through Opening Day, girls have the opportunity to make countless wonderful friends at camp. The relationships developed at Greystone are long-lasting because they are “real,” different and refreshing compared to friendships at home.

The technology that surrounds us in the “real world” brings so much pressure to young girls. Girls want to portray themselves in the best light, get enough “likes” on their profiles, acquire enough friends, and stay in touch every minute of the day. What starts as harmless fun often becomes an exhausting distraction from what really matters.

We go technology-free at camp, and the difference is palpable. Our 17-year-old campers come to camp with their cell phones packed up and ready to be turned in – they long for a break, for the opportunity to enjoy life without feeling like they must be connected and available all the time.

When our campers step away from all technology, they slow down and enjoy the simple sweetness of life that is so easily overlooked. At Greystone, high schoolers roll down the grassy lawns and catch fireflies at dusk. Without the temptation to check phones or zone out in a screen, deep conversations seem as natural as breathing. When we focus wholly on the moment, on the people we’re with and the place we’re in, we connect in a way we never can through a screen. It’s a beautiful thing.

“Greystone is a safe place for my daughter to spend her summer. She can be herself without worrying about peer pressure or being ‘cool.’ She sounds great every time she talks about camp!”