Fine Arts

Watch your inner creativity come alive in Greystone’s incredible Fine Arts program.


Glass Beads and Glass Fusion are classes you’ll only find at Greystone, another way we go above and beyond to give our campers the coolest activities around. Older campers get the chance to work with fire and glass rods to mold them into wonderful glass beads in our “dual fuel” lamp studio. All campers will enjoy our fusion program, where pieces of stained glass are layered into designs to be heated in a mold to 2,000 degrees, fusing the glass together. The resulting projects are art pieces that are sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

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Ceramics is one of our favorite classes, enjoyed by many of our campers year after year. Our counselors teach several different ways to work with the clay throughout the session. Start with simple “pinch pots” and progress to the exhilarating experience of throwing a first pot on an electric wheel on our open-air ceramics deck. Whether making bowls, plates, vases, or simple molded creations, you are certain to take home beautiful and uniquely crafted pottery.

Metal Jewelry

A sought-after class offered to our older campers, Metal Jewelry builds skills that amaze and inspire. Start with the basics: hammering copper, and then sterling silver, into custom sized rings, charms, and bracelets. With each project, you will shape, hammer, solder, and polish your work under the careful instruction of a master silversmith. As your skills grow, so will your creativity – though the skill is demanding, Greystone campers produce remarkable pieces. The jewelry made at camp is likely to become heirloom pieces in your family, treasured for generations.

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Painting is another Greystone favorite that meets in the Fine Arts Center. You will learn techniques under the instruction of a professional artist. We’ll help you create with a variety of mediums like charcoal, pencil, watercolors, and oils. From still life to abstract, portrait to landscape, you’ll find inspiration everywhere, because Greystone itself is your subject waiting to be painted!

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Photography and Videography

Learn the principles of composition, lighting, and editing in our Photography class. How would you like to be a camp photographer for the day? Your photos might be featured in our newspaper, “The Greystone Gazette,” or even on the Greystone website for all to enjoy. Our videographers learn everything from stop motion videos to GIFs to music video creation and more.


Crafts & Fabric Arts

Get crafty at camp with Crafts and Fabric Arts. Crafts gives you the chance to make fun projects to take home at the end of your session. Commemorate your summer with a beautiful scrapbook, or paint, draw, and create gifts for your family and friends. You might choose to take Sewing, learning hand-sewing techniques and the basics of using a sewing machine. Our oldest campers also enjoy our Printmaking class, trying their hand at carving designs that are then used to stamp creations on to bags, t-shirts, and more. There are literally dozens of things to do in the Fine Arts program!

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Pen to Paper

Creative writing, journalism, & drawing

The Dining Hall porch is the iconic epicenter of camp and the home to our creative writing, journalism, and drawing classes. Its picturesque views will inspire your poems and short stories in Creative Writing and provide ample subjects to sharpen your drawing skills. You can even become a true published journalist by contributing to our newspaper, “The Greystone Gazette.”

Knitting & Crocheting

Knitting is no longer just something that your grandma does - at Greystone, it’s cool! Learn how to knit and crochet hats, scarves, socks, and anything else you can imagine. Just pick out your yarn and curl up on a couch; this is a skill you’ll have for life!