Great Day Sponsors

A very special thanks to the following individuals, families, and groups who graciously donated to the Great Day Fund from January 2023 - December 2023! We are also grateful to our Centennial Great Day Fund donors who donated $1000+ during our 100th celebration year.

Donors from previous years can be found linked at the bottom of this page. If you would like to support the Fund, please visit our Donation Options page to learn how.

Spirit of Greystone


Scott and Tami Charlton Great Day Alumnae Reunion Jimboy and Margaret Miller

Great Day Counsel


Shannon Martin

Ding How Sponsors


The Albright Family Elizabeth and Andy Ausband Roxanne Jett Sheehan

Bless This Camp Sponsors


Stephen and Lucia Bailey Family Anne Edmunds Aguirre Sue and Hannah Fullgraf
Katie Miller Grant The Johnson Family Paige Lebleu
April McGee Tresa Barksdale Patterson Barbara and Yorke Pharr
Caroline Robertson The Stowers Machinery Foundation Michael and Molly Sweitzer
Laura and Starr Teel Katherine Urevig Donald and Alana Wildman

Pines So Bold Sponsors


Megan Giroux Laura-Hill Keller Robert and Jeffrey Stokes Family
Lauren Tingle Ginger Wallace

Happy Am I Sponsors


Elly Anderson Abbey Barefoot Kendall Betz
Claire Cook Janice Corley Paul and Nancy Cote
Maddie Dugan Amanda Edson Hillary and Jared Franken
Robert and Angela Gage Caroline Giraud Margaret Guinivan
Katharine Hamer Travis Hollett Emily Houts
Jamie and Randy Hutchinson Nicholas and Martha Lee Kliossis Annie Lopez
Caroline Lowery John Miller JP Mintz
Caroline Mullen Deirdre Nally Elizabeth Oliver
Sara Oliver Mary Silliman Patterson Barbara Pharr
Claire Queally Stephanie Robinson Richard Schrade
Harriet Shirley Ellis Smith Mary Gray Speakman
Mary Ellen Stebbins Lydia Grace Turbeville Alice Van Lennep
Paige Woodall Susan Wyatt

Smile, Smile Sponsors


Elizabeth Abernathy Maloy Basinger Cely Black
Anne Carlen Bone Samantha Bowers Eva Braasch
Charlotte Cain Cheyanne Clark Anna Coker
Mia Coker McKenna Conner BJ Creighton
Ellie Crosland Lucy Davis Olivia Davis
Parker Douglass Mary Charlotte Dugan Lanie Ervin
Olivia Fair Annabel Farley Murray Freedman
Virginia French Sarah Godfrey Emma Goodin
Sarah Haga Katherine Hanemann Wade Wells Harned
Caroline Hawthorne Carter Hickel Hagan Hoffman
Shelton Honey Emily Howell Mac Hughes
Brogan Jackson Sutton Johnson Caroline King
Caroline Langston Catherine Lee Georgia Link
Charlotte McCarthy Mary Page McCaslin Brianna Nalley
Sara Nastopoulos Morgen Newton Caroline Oliver
Rollins Ortmann Molly Pickel Ellianna Purcell
Emmalyn Purcell Mary Purcell Scarritt Purdy
Lily Grace Sites Virginia Slaughter Grace Stevenson
Libby Tarantin Virginia Waldrop Claire Waller
Berkley Weintritt Lydia West Mary Westenberger