Whether you’re a seasoned athlete perfecting your skills, or you just want to have some fun, there’s a sport for you at Greystone. So grab your tennis shoes and get ready to play, because there’s nothing better than an active game with friends.


Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Pickleball, Ultimate Frisbee, Menagerie/Field Games, Flag Football, Track, Cross Country

Combining our most active and fun athletic activities, there is truly something for everyone in Landsports! Our counselors teach beginner basics to advanced skills and everything in between, so you’ll love perfecting your game and picking up some new ones on the grassy fields under our tall pine trees. Lace up those shoes and join us on the field, because whether you want to kick, run, throw, or tag, we’re ready for you!

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Golf has never been more fun than at Greystone; after all, our driving range is Lake Edith! You’ll love hitting our floating golf balls straight into the lake and perfecting your short game on our pristine putting green. LPGA – here we come!


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Consistently rated as one of our top 5 classes year after year, tennis is a must-have class for many of our campers. Our instructors are experienced in teaching all levels of USTA standards, from beginner to advanced tournament levels. With small classes and individualized instruction, you’re sure to improve your game while having fun in a postcard setting – what could be better? Whether you have never picked up a racket or have played for most of your life, Greystone’s tennis courts are the place to be!


If physical fitness is your goal this summer, join your friends in our state of the art, air-conditioned, fully outfitted gym. Choose from spinning classes, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, or treadmills. Our instructors are ready to keep you motivated as you have fun. We offer many types of exciting fitness classes from Zumba to yoga, Barre to aerial yoga, spinning to elliptical-only workouts, all designed to get your heart pumping. No matter your style, our fitness program offers fun workouts for girls of all ages!

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Gymnastics & Cheerleading

Teaching on all four event areas, our gymnastics program is ready to hone your skills in an encouraging environment. Our instructors will help you navigate our low and high beams, spring floor, table vault, and star bar system. Even if you’re just starting with a cartwheel, you’ll gain confidence as you progress through the levels. We also offer a tumbling-specific class, for girls who want to focus particularly on their floor work. You will also love being part of our Cheerleading program, where our Greystone squad learns fun Odd and Even team cheers and stunts.

Precision Sports

Riflery, Archery & Fencing

Campers come back year after year to sharpen their skills in our precision sports – they are truly cherished camp favorites. In Archery and Riflery, you’ll learn proper safety and shooting mechanics, so that you can then work to pass coveted skill levels during the session. Fencing is a Greystone classic that will make you feel like you’re in “The Parent Trap.” You’ll love donning the gear and good-naturedly sparring with your friends.

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