A Celebration of Service

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Jane McGaughey


Jane W. McGaughey, known as “Miss Janie,” was Greystone’s very first Head Counselor, chosen for her strong leadership, commitment to Christian values, and cheerful personality. Having worked at Aloha Camp in Vermont, one of the nation’s first girls’ camps, she brought with her a wealth of camping knowledge and was a huge asset in setting up Greystone’s original programs and schedules. Miss Hanna described Janie as a “dedicated Christian leader…the seven years she was Head Counselor were fortunate ones indeed, for her ideals and dreams were as high as those of the directors.”

Henri Price

Henri arrived on Greystone Mountain prior to Dr. and Mrs. Sevier in the summer of 1920 to ensure the property was ready for their arrival; thus, Henri may be considered Greystone’s first counselor. During her summers at camp, she taught many types of dance, including Aesthetic, Folk, and Tap.

MaNita Bullock

MaNita first came to Greystone in 1927, serving as a Dramatics counselor. She then served as Head Counselor from 1928 – 1931. In the 1926 Green and Gold dedication to her, the editors described MaNita as “not only [a] cornerstone, but a true gem in the life and activities of camp.”

Betty Autrey

Betty served as Greystone’s canoeing instructor throughout the 1930s – 1950s. Under “Captain Buddy’s” guidance, campers learned how to do kayak rolls and “read the water” before canoeing down rapids. During the 1952 Song Contest, her cabin dedicated its first place song “Bless This Camp” to her.

John Sevier

Dr. Sevier’s second child John headed the Riding department for thirteen summers. John was greatly admired for his athletic abilities and outstanding riding skills.

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Mary “B” Bostick

1935 – 1974

There is no counselor better known for her Landsports prowess than Mary “B” Bostick, who taught Landsports for 42 years. She was known especially for her Ring Tennis skills, always instructing campers to “put it where they aren’t.” Mary B was known as a “no nonsense” counselor; she had no patience for those who didn’t get with the program. But, she was also known for having lots of fun.

“Mary B taught Landsports, and she taught us about ourselves. She would not permit ‘foolishness’ on the Volleyball or Ring Tennis courts - I needed to stay after class several times to be reminded of that! I will always remember her walking down the hill with a peach basket containing two volleyballs and two rings. I remember Mary B telling us that, ‘two-thirds of all kidding is true’ (and she was right!). [She was] a small woman, with curly hair and glasses, with a big heart.” - Smith Houts

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Jean Agnew Churchill

1927 - 1968

Jean Agnew Churchill was a vital part of camp for 41 years. Miss Jean first came to camp in 1927 as the Hiking and Nature counselor. From 1932 – 1949, Miss Jean served as Head Counselor. Camper Harriette Whitner from the 1930s remembers that time well: “Miss Jean was a lovely lady. She was quiet and unassuming, but authoritative. She always said the right thing at the right time. She spoke as a teacher would, and we paid attention.”

Heading into the 1950s, Mrs. Hanna felt that Greystone needed a second full-time Director, and invited Jean to be the Co-Director and Co-Owner in 1950. Camp Greystone: The First 80 Years sums this era up well: “For the next eighteen years, the words ‘Virginia and Jean’ were paired like a hand in a glove. They functioned effectively as a team. Virginia was responsible for camper recruiting, Council Fire talks, Sunday supper meetings with the Honor Council, and other Greystone traditions…Jean Agnew paid meticulous attention to detail.”

Virginia Hall

Virginia was one of Greystone’s most esteemed counselors in Arts and Crafts, teaching Sketching, Painting, Ceramics, and Leatherwork. She was also known for her spectacular murals that appeared each year at the final Banquet.

Rachel Paxon Hayes

Rachel served as Head Counselor, taking over after Jean Agnew was appointed as Co-Director. Known affectionately as “Mama Rachel” to the campers, she was hailed in her 1953 Green and Gold dedication as one “whose leadership…is an example to each of us.”

Jan Wells

Jan began her career in the early 1940s as a swimming counselor before becoming a Navy WAVE Lieutenant during World War II. She returned to Greystone in the early 1950s on the Waterfront staff, and then transitioned to Head Counselor in 1955.

Dot France Newcomer

Dot joined the Greystone staff in 1946 as a Swimming instructor and then returned in 1963 to serve as Head Counselor. The 1963 Green and Gold dedication describes Dot as one “whose contribution to the Spirit of Greystone is immeasurable.”

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A.L. “Uncle Roy” Brown

1925 – 1963

The first cousin of Dr. Sevier, Uncle Roy Brown came to Greystone in 1925 and quickly became a cherished member of the camp family. Throughout his time at Greystone, Uncle Roy served in many capacities, including Postmaster, Transportation Manager, and Nature Department Head. He was considered Greystone’s resident authority on birds and nature lore, and he loved spending time with the younger campers. Uncle Roy delighted these young Greystone girls with figures he carved from peach pits.

As a lover of the railroad, Uncle Roy knew all of the conductors in East Tennessee, making him a natural for planning and chartering the Pullman rail cars campers rode to and from Greystone. Because of Uncle Roy’s connections to the railways, the August 1956 Southern Railway System’s Ties magazine featured an article about Greystone campers travelling to Tuxedo by train.

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Alice Andrews

1951 – 1976

For twenty-five years, Alice Andrews served as Greystone’s premier Riding instructor. In this capacity, she was responsible for all aspects of the program, including renting horses, supervising counselors and grooms, and teaching campers. When joining the staff in the 1950s, Alice quickly earned the nickname of “Mrs. A” and was much loved by all the riders.

Edith Hanna Holt described Alice as the “epitome of the gracious, warm Southern lady. She had a genuine love for both the campers and the horses, and she was fun to be with. The overnight riding trips she led when I was a camper were among the most fun things I have done in my life.”

Lell Barfield Harboe

Lell was a camper for seven summers. In 1963, as a Tentalow Three camper, she was the youngest camper in Greystone’s history to ever give a toast at the closing Banquet. On staff from the 1970s until today, Lell has served in many roles, including tentalow counselor, canoeing counselor, kitchen assistant director, manager of the Greystone store, and more. Lell currently serves as the Director of Services.

Jean Hooper Crook

Jean first came to Greystone from 1942 – 1945 as a Landsports counselor, then returned after the war to serve as Virginia Hanna’s personal secretary. She accompanied Virginia to many movie showings during this time. Jean “laid the groundwork for the strong alumnae network Greystone enjoys today” by compiling the first alumnae address database. She served as Head Counselor from 1974-1975.

Joyce Thomas Fuller

Joyce was a camper before returning on staff to teach Archery. She pushed the program to be not only “challenging athletically but also exceedingly fun.” Joyce returned in 1973 as Head Counselor. She then continued on staff as a Calligraphy and Creative Writing counselor into the 1980s.

Gill Moore

1960 – 1976
Gill came to camp as a Riflery and Tap Dance instructor and was in charge of many traditions during her years at Greystone, including Flag, inspection, and the Banquet. She was known as “chief inspector” for the oldest camper cabins, and girls would double down on their cleaning by using flashlights to check for dustballs under the bed. No one wanted to fail Gill’s tough inspections.

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Mary McConnell

1953 – 1999

Mary joined Greystone in 1953 as Jean Agnew’s secretary, helping Miss Jean, Miss Hanna, and Uncle Roy by typing their dictations into letters to send to camp families and friends.

Though Mary was instructed not tell of her piano skills, the word quickly got out. As a cabin counselor in the 1950s, her cabins won the song contest three times with their songs “We Love Greystone,” “I’m a Greystone Girl, I Want to Be Treated Like a Greystone Girl,” and “I Believe That Greystone’s Spirit Will Remain a Lofty Goal.” Over the years, she led the piano playing in the Dining Hall, picking up the key as campers would yell, “1-2-3, shhh” before starting into their desired song of choice. Mary also accompanied many of Greystone’s musical and performance numbers.

In 1988, Mary compiled Greystone’s songbook and then followed up with an audiotape of Greystone songs in 1992. These lasting contributions are still enjoyed by Greystone campers and alumnae today. Mary remained a part of Greystone’s staff until 1998; she passed away on January 3, 1999.

“Mary McConnell could carry on a conversation and play the piano at the same time. She was remarkable. She could probably play the piano with her eyes closed or turn herself around on the piano and play backwards. She was the grandest pianist we ever had at Greystone.” Mary “B” Bostick

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Perry White


Perry White came to Greystone in 1972 as the Tennis Department Head. Larry “Lightning” Clouse, Lee Wilkinson, and Perry formed a trio of young men who taught Tennis and served as some of the very first men staff hired at camp. Perry married Greystone counselor Joan Marin in 1975. In 1978, the Whites moved to the Hendersonville area, and Perry ran Greystone’s Hiking program.

In 1979, Perry directed the first August Camp and was named Assistant Director of Greystone in 1980. Perry led with a “superb work ethic [and] with both humility and a sense of humor.” He made a significant impact at Greystone by directing the August Camp sessions, arranging camper transportation, and conducting numerous construction projects around the campus.

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Anna Bryan Perry Sisk

After many years as a camper, Anna Bryan served as a Canoeing, Fencing, and Tennis counselor in the 1950s and 1960s. She then returned from 1978–1989 to serve as Head Counselor, Program Director, and Assistant Director in turn. Anna Bryan highly valued Greystone’s traditions, making sure to preserve and keep them alive for future generations of Greystone campers.

Emily “Smith” Houts

After being a camper, Smith worked on staff for three summers in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and then returned to Greystone in 1984 to serve as Head Counselor. Smith taught elementary school for many years, and then once again returned to Greystone in 2005 to help with Junior Camp and August 2. She still serves as the Assistant Director at Junior Camp today.

H.M. and Ann Barfield

H.M. Barfield was well known at camp in the 1980s, as he drove busloads full of campers to the swim docks each day. His wife Ann first came to camp in the 1960s as a counselor and then worked in the Hostess Cabin during the 1980s.

Elaine Logan Taylor

Elaine first served as a Hiking counselor then became an integral part of the Head Staff starting in the late 1980s. In 1979 she served as assistant Head Counselor for the June session and then as Head Counselor for the inaugural August Camp. She began working at Greystone full-time in 1986, helping with business operations and program development during the off-season.

Jennifer Boone West

Jennifer joined the Greystone staff in 1987 as a Bible, Drama, and Crafts counselor before becoming an August Camp Group Leader that same summer. She served as Head Counselor at Main Camp from 1988–1992, as well as a number of the June and August sessions during this time period.

David Vining

No counselor has had a bigger impact on campers in recent decades than David Vining. Joining the Greystone staff in 1983, David has led the Tennis program during his summers off from teaching at The McCallie School.

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Laura Green Hollowell

1975 – present

Laura started Greystone as a camper for many years before working as a counselor on staff. She then served as one of the very first Group Leaders in 1984. After marrying Gervais Hollowell in 1986, the two returned to Greystone in the late 1980s to run the waterskiing program, while Laura also served as a Group Leader.

In 1992, Laura was appointed Head Counselor, helping to bridge the transition of leadership between the generations of the Miller family. Libby thought Laura was perfect for the job: “Laura remembers everything. This quality keeps alive many of the unwritten traditions of camp.” Laura became a camp Director in 1995.

After 44 years at Greystone, Laura still serves as the Director of June, Main, and August Camps. Just as she has for decades, Laura’s organization and attention to detail keep the camp community of over 1900 campers safe, healthy, and happy each summer. It is no surprise that campers call her their “camp mom,” as her love and kind words turn around even the most homesick of camper’s day. Many decades of Greystone girls are grateful for her leadership and example set at camp.

Sandi Lavery Taylor

1993 - present
Sandi first came to Greystone on the kitchen dish crew, returning two more years as a counselor in the kitchen, before switching to the Group Leader role. In 1997, Sandi took over as Program Director and staff recruiter while also directing August Camp. She dated long-time men staffer Bill Taylor, and the two became the first Greystone couple to get engaged during Evening Program. After marrying Bill in 2001, Sandi began to teach Senior Bible class, a job she still does today.

Kelly Carew Michel

1993 – 2014
Kelly started as the Gymnastics Department Head and was a favorite cabin counselor for the youngest girls for many years. From 2002–2014, Kelly served as Program Director, hiring all of the staff and overseeing the numerous department areas. During her tenure as Program Director, Kelly helped to develop many popular activities: Dog Camp, Glass Beads and Fusion, Metal Jewelry, Farm and Garden, Greystone Gazette, and Apple Hill overnights. For several years, she also directed the August session.

Sarah Goodman Brown

1990 – present
After enjoying 11 summers as a camper, Sarah returned to teach Landsports as a counselor, then moved on to the Group Leader position for many years. In 2005, Sarah became Greystone’s first intern, working specifically on improving Greystone’s new camper experience. She then moved into the Head Counselor role, and now serves as the Events and Outreach Director at camp.

Ellen-Anne Harboe Skelton

1995 – present
Following a long legacy of family who has worked at Greystone, Ellen-Anne Harboe Skelton started as a camper in 1995. After her camper years, Ellen-Anne returned to Greystone as head of the Ceramics department and served as our first head of Program Staff. In 2014, she took on the role of Program Director and still serves in that capacity today.