Water Activities

With 2 large swimming pools and an extensive marina and Waterpark, it is possible to spend all day in the water!

The Pools

Swimming lessons, competitive swim, free swim, aerobics, pool games, lap swim, synchronized swimming, diving
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We have two very large swimming pools: a diving pool (10-12 foot deep) designed for water ballet, lap swimming, and diving classes, and a shallow (3-8 foot deep) “fun pool” for lessons, water aerobics, and games. Both are heated to a comfortable 85°F by solar panels.


Water slides, blob, water trampolines, water mats, see-saws, paddleboards, obstacle course, playaks

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Greystone is situated on the headwaters of Lake Summit, the perfect setting for the perfect Waterpark! Enjoy two giant slides (a curvy 100-foot “fun” slide and a 160-foot long “fast” slide), a huge “blob,” two water trampolines, water mats, giant water see-saws, a challenging obstacle course, and an array of standup paddleboards and playaks.

Canoeing & Fishing

Our canoe dock is a focal point in camp. It’s a great place to chat with your friends, soak up the sun, and try out two of Greystone’s favorite pastimes: canoeing and fishing. Jump in a canoe and explore the many coves of the lake as you look for ducks and geese along the shore. Or, grab a fishing pole to catch a “big one” (our lake is full of catfish, bass, trout, and bream).

Putt Cove

Sailing & Kayaking on beautiful Lake Summit

The Greystone marina is spectacular. Tucked within peaceful Putt Cove with 2 boat houses, a private beach, and over 10,000 square feet of decking, the marina is a favorite spot to visit. Our sailing and kayaking programs enjoy this relaxing area of the lake. Rig one of eleven sailboats from the comfort and convenience of individual slips and set out to enjoy the thrill and beauty of a quiet day on the lake. Or, take out a kayak and learn the sport in a fun way by playing games in the boats and practicing new skills like the “roll.”

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Our June and Main campers have the option of adding a full-day rafting trip as an exciting extra activity during their session. Taking trips down Class III and IV rivers, girls love these exciting adventures with friends!