Riding & Tubing

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In addition to their regular scheduled activities, campers have the option to add on Riding and Tubing to their exciting summer schedule.

To enjoy time on a horse or in a tube, register for Riding and Tubing through your Forms (to be completed in the spring), which you can fill out through your Online Account or through the Campanion app. Both activities will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis for all sessions. If spots fill, we still start a Wait List; as girls cancel during the session, we will fill any available spots with girls from the Wait List.

Riding Equipment

All riders need to wear long pants and cowboy or riding boots. We ask that campers do not wear open toed shoes or athletic shoes. We have a large supply of helmets and boots available for use at camp, but campers who have their own riding equipment are encouraged to bring those items. For June, Main, and August campers, feel free to embrace the cowgirl feel with your cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and any other “ranch” accessories that you’d like!

Junior Riding

Junior campers can experience a taste of the Ranch life by enjoying time down at the Greystone Barn as they ride their own camp horse on our beautiful River Trail. Campers will meet their horse and then take a scenic riding trail through camp’s back nature pastures, passing the many Farm Barn animals along the way. This is a great opportunity to enjoy one-on-one time with a horse while experiencing the trail riding feel that the campers love! Girls will skip two of their pre-scheduled activities on their Riding day.

June and Main Thunderhead Ranch program

We are excited to offer our Western trail riding program called Thunderhead Ranch again this summer! Thunderhead is available for all riding levels. This half-day program gives campers the opportunity to enjoy life on the Ranch, as they experience many activities involving the horses and ranch life.

While at the Ranch during June and Main, girls will be paired with a horse for the day. Girls will tack, groom, and then ride their horse, exploring the numerous, expanded mountain trails on the property. While there, campers will also play in the creek, cook over a fire, and learn skills like leather-working, lassoing, and more. When campers register for multiple trips to the Ranch (Main only), they will ride on new trails each time they visit, enjoy tasty new menus of meals cooked over the fire, and participate in exciting and varied activities, while also continuing to work on projects from their previous visits to the Ranch. Each visit will be a new and exciting experience!

August Thunderhead Ranch program

August riders will enjoy a simplified Thunderhead experience, which includes an hour-long trail ride as well as either breakfast or lunch at the Ranch. Girls will have the opportunity to enjoy Ranch life and will be paired with a horse for the day. This visit to the Ranch will focus more on the riding portion of the Thunderhead experience instead of the extra activities.

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Main Camp Horsemanship Clinic

For Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Riders
Main campers have the opportunity to register for our English Horsemanship riding clinics. We will announce the clinic options in the spring for this upcoming summer.

Main campers who have experience riding English can register for our newly updated English Horsemanship Clinic. This two-day clinic will offer three different riding levels: advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Because we are not offering a beginner option, girls who are registering need to have English riding skills. Campers will miss either their morning or afternoon classes to ride during both days of their clinic.

Depending on their skill level, riders will work with a horse for the day as they groom and tack their horse, work on flat work and rider position, work over poles, and play games on horseback. This clinic will be a fun time to ride while also gaining new skills!

When registering, you will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire about your daughter’s riding level. If you feel like your daughter is an advanced rider, we will ask you to submit a video in addition to your questionnaire form. We will review your questionnaire, and based on her level, we will let you know before your session begins if your daughter qualifies for our Horsemanship Clinic.

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Our Main campers love an afternoon tubing adventure on the Green River, starting at Thunderhead Ranch! On your tubing excursion, you will explore our Thunderhead property before hopping in your tube for a relaxing float down the Green River all the way to camp. Girls will miss their afternoon classes on their Tubing day. This excursion is available for campers who are 6th grade and up.