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In the beginning, God declared His creation good. This fact has not changed, dispite the impact of sin. Our cynical and pessimestic minds might tell us otherwise, but life is precious and sweet. Nowhere is this goodness more evident than in camp. The influence of so many good people inspire me and they inspire others as well. This fact was driven home to me yesterday by some visitors.

It is a delight to walk around camp with a family that is new to Greystone. The exciting activities, the happy campers, the surprisingly great facilities, and the obvious joy of camp are more noticed through fresh eyes. We take for granted the good things in life, and that tends to happen at camp as well. A tour provides a moment for us to once again recognize what God is doing in this place.

Caroline gave her first tour of the summer yesterday, and the impact 1 hour in camp had on those little girls was an inspiration. Their demeanors switched from reserved and reluctant to exuberant and engaged with just one lap around the program area. They both wanted to stay, and their newfound confidence was a delight to their mother.

Such a response makes me want to spend the morning in camp rather than in the office. So that is my goal for the day! I hope to hit the East side of camp (High Ropes, High Adventure, Zip Line, Tree Climbing, Glass Beads, Swimming, Waterpark, Kayaking, Sailing, and Putt Cove Fun. It will be an inspiration! Let me just say that these girls are FEARLESS. They scamper up the 40-foot wall with the ease of squirrels. They do not hesitate on the most challenging of elements (ask your camper about the Leap of Faith… it would terrify me). Part of this confidence is just being young, but most of it arises from the encouragement of their friends and counselors. It is wonderful!

Speaking of wonderful, it would be appropriate to say A few words about the Food at Greystone: It is good because it is simple. We make our meals from scratch, and that includes the famous Greystone Bread that we smell baking every day of the week. We crack 900 eggs when we serve scrambled eggs. We dice 60 pounds of onions, carrots, and celery when making spaghetti sauce. We make our own pizza dough, scones, cookies, cakes, meatballs, hummus, tabouli, babaganoush, pickles, guacamole, etc… the list is huge! That salad bar is something off a cruise ship! What Gervais, Alli, and Thomas accomplish with their happy cast of amateurs (mostly teenagers from Greystone families) is amazing. They work hard while dancing to music, laughing, singing, and doing work that most never considers. They have discovered the truth that work (even hard work) is fun! We are proud of how well they are doing.

  • Breakfast Fritatta & sausage
  • Joke Complimentary Peanuts
  • Challenge Day The girls are FIRED UP about winning team competitions in classes all day long.
  • Lunch Roast Beef sandwiches on croissant, a homemade cookie
  • Dinner Pan-fried chicken and red rice
  • EP Rotating Group Fun Night (same thing that we did last Saturday, but the groups will go to different stations).

Thanks for checking in.